Built on diversity of unique experience, Bluewater advises private and SME clients in transactional, planning and dispute resolution. Bluewater’s experience has been developed through traditional practice areas in transactional, family, taxation, insolvency and litigation.

Adopting this interdisciplinary approach, Bluewater has been able to position itself uniquely as a leader in delivering unique results in complex family law property settlements  and disputes.

We are not traditionalists, we are not process operators and we certainly are not typical. We are a young and curious team that works together to build what we know and how we do it each and every day – often manifesting bespoke solutions in seemingly typical situations.

Nick Eckers

Maybe he calls himself the founder but we are pretty sure he is still looking. Ever curious, Nick finds his way into just about everything we do. Whether it is on the front or back end, he is usually working with us and clients on legal structures with a focus on tax and duty implications.

Daniel Hallam

We never thought we’d ever say the words family law until Daniel joined the team. Having worked in the Courts and working about town, Dan’s freight train approach to finding, making and closing deals in family law makes us love the work.

Gabriel Mckinnon

Bluewater’s transactional architect, Gabriel brings over a decade of project, commercial and property transactions to the table and makes sure things get done. If he’s not playing footy, then he’s probably working on your deal.

Harry Rigney

Katrina Gillies

Mitchell Fitzsimmons

Sasha Zvirgzdins