Building your life beyond legal challenges

We prioritise outcomes over process. While traditional law firms are fixated on the mechanics of the law, we focus on solutions that help you move forward in life beyond legal hurdles.

When you need it to be over, protect what is yours, gain financial certainty and move on.

Handling emotionally challenging times is hard enough, let alone navigating the legal process. When will it all come to an end? We understand this feeling better than anyone.

We will help you secure what you need and swiftly escape, so you can move on with your life.

We are street-smart

We have a deep understanding of the commercial world’s nuances, not because we have studied it from textbooks, but because we engage with it every day alongside our clients.

We speak your language

We are focused on breaking down complex legal concepts into easily understood terms, so you never feel lost or overwhelmed.

We are committed to realistic outcomes

We assess situations based on their actuality, not on idealised perceptions. We fight false hope with practical, achievable outcomes rather than getting entangled in legal jargon and process.

We navigate past and present

More than just achieving optimal outcomes, we care about what your life looks like going forward.

Realistic, practical commercial outcomes, not simply the legal process.

Property Alteration

Financial Agreements

Asset Protection

Third Parties in Family Law Disputes

Binding Child Support Agreements

Company Restructures, Tax, and Trust Issues Related to Family Law

Child Maintenance Trusts

Here is what our clients say.

There is really no other way to say this without using the overused phrase of ‘we get you.’

I wish to highly recommend the legal services of Bluewater Lawyers for their high level of legal knowledge, performance and experience in family law matters.

Their professional integrity, quality, and expertise were of the highest standard and confidence to deliver and promote realistic approaches to achieve fair and realistic outcomes. Their prudent legal advice and support throughout my extended property alteration case was proactive, commanding and respectable in forging an admirable lawyer/client relationship

Experience is know-how.

We have built our reputation not just on our competence in the legal domain, but on our ability to stand with our clients during their toughest times, ensuring that they feel understood, supported, and guided throughout the process.

When you need it to be over.