Unique family law outcomes to drive value based approaches for clients.

Realistic, practical commercial outcomes, not simply the legal process.

Property Alteration

Achieve your commercial goals with sensible property alterations

Financial Agreements

Well thought out financial agreements to afford surety based on your relationship

Asset Protection

Consideration of your financial circumstances and protecting what’s yours

Third Parties in Family Law Disputes

Protecting your interests by applying our commercial skills and knowledge in the discretionary family law sphere

Binding Child Support Agreements

Secure the financial well-being of your children

Company Restructures, Tax, and Trust Issues Related to Family Law

Navigate business and tax complexities utilising the family law process to achieve outcomes that benefit your financial situation

Child Maintenance Trusts

Establishing your financial affairs to benefit you and your children effectively

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Bluewater Lawyers represents a range of clients across all aspects of family law, including:


Accounting firms

Bankruptcy Trustees


Third Party Individuals personally

Law firms



Bluewater Lawyers were simply amazing in supporting me through an emotional and challenging settlement. The professionalism and expert advice kept me feeling in the loop and put me in a strong position with my matter. Cannot recommend the firm enough to those going through this journey.

When you need it to be over.