More than just a team of skilled legal experts.

At the face of it all, we are just another human who uses empathy and skill to help you go through your hardest times emotionally and financially.

“Focus on what is ahead of you when this madness is over.”

Meet Daniel Hallam


Daniel, or 'Dan' is a self-confessed nerd who grew up amidst the hammering and sawing of a family full of tradies in Brisbane.

Unconventional in his path to law, Dan balanced full-time work with studies at QUT, earning his stripes across different firms before bringing his expertise to Bluewater.

He’ll often greet you with his modest introduction of 'pretending to be a lawyer' —but don’t let that fool you. Dan is a force to be reckoned with, known for his technically minded and commercially driven approach. He prides himself on applying his knowledge to practicality, driving the best outcomes for his clients.

Dan's devotion to clients runs deep. Within three weeks of starting at Bluewater, he spent almost every day with a client during a challenging seven-year litigation, visiting his client’s business and travelling worldwide with him. This dedication led to a lasting friendship they still have today.

But this level of client dedication is not unique to Dan alone—it’s the Bluewater way. Many of our clients continue to connect with us socially long after their legal matters are resolved. Our approach isn’t just about achieving a legal outcome, we build a supportive relationship when our clients go through some of the toughest times in their lives.

Dan believes in focusing on practical reality, not just the process and law. His mantra to clients? "Focus on what is ahead of you when this madness ends."

With Dan on your side, you're not just getting a lawyer; you're gaining a dedicated ally and a friend for the journey ahead.

“Bringing you confidence in the face of uncertainty”

Meet Katrina Gillies

Special Counsel

With over a decade working as a family lawyer, Katrina's in-depth knowledge of the discipline allows her to navigate complex and novel family law issues with expertise. With meticulous precision and attention to detail, Katrina utilises a progressive and innovative application of the Family Law Act.

Having a client-centered focus, Katrina excels in crafting tailored legal strategies that align seamlessly with her clients' unique objectives. Offering confidence in the face of uncertainty, Katrina is dedicated to ensuring her clients receive the best legal outcomes available to them.

With Katrina as your counsel, you’re not just hiring a legal expert - you're gaining a savvy negotiator and compassionate listener who is going to resolve matters swiftly. Her thorough insight and fierce advocacy provide clients with the comfort of knowing they are genuinely cared for.

Growing up in the State of Queensland, Katrina believes there is a unique beauty within the Brisbane CBD. Outside of work hours, you’re likely to find her enjoying the enchanting inner city with her two puppy companions.

“I focus on your objectives and provide real pragmatic options.”

Meet Niamh Reilly


Hailing from Scotland and later immigrating to Australia, Niamh is our in-house family law expert with an academic background in law, economics, and finance. She's our secret weapon for leveraging the Family Law Act to our client's advantage.

Niamh is known for her professional, pragmatic, and down-to-earth approach. Her knack for transforming lawyer mumbo-jumbo into understandable options makes her a favourite among clients.
Niamh believes Bluewater sets itself apart in its tailored outcomes for clients. Clients will often hear her say, "Don't worry, we'll take care of that for you."

So if you're looking for a lawyer with a head for commercial outcomes and a heart for personal connection, Niamh's your go-to. If you can’t reach her, she’s probably filling her cup surfing or brushing up on her Spanish.

When you need it to be over.